Welcome to the Waithenian Investor

First up, you might be wondering, what on earth is a Waithenian? This is a made-up term combining the words ‘Wairarapa’ and ‘Athenian’ (pronounced wa-thee-knee-in).

The name reflects yours truly. I was born and bred in the South Wairarapa, but my heritage on my mother’s side is Greek – extremely so.

Yeah, this is an unusual combo.

One might say that while one part of me loves Motley Crue, rugby, tuis and wild turkey, the other part loves property, spanakopita, debt and tax minimisation, and is definitely not meant to like Turkey.

Jokes about Greek stereotypes and country bumpkin New Zealand aside, the name of this blog accurately depicts what it’s about; a local yet global perspective of investing.

Why a blog?

First, there’s a lack of content beyond just the basics for Kiwis like what a share is, which informs and creates debate about investing, especially global investing.

Second, there’s a lack of candour or brutal honesty when it comes to investing. Being upfront or nicely provocative about the bigger picture as well as the details is needed, and you will see this in my reviews.

Lastly, I have to mention that this blog reflects my personal opinions. It is general information only. If you need personalised advice it’s recommenced that you see an Authorised Financial Adviser.