TD Ameritrade V Hatch Invest (and DriveWealth)

How does TD Ameritrade compare to Hatch? There are clear differences when it comes to investment choices, product features and costs.   The above is my opinion. It is not intended to act as personal financial advice. It does not take into you account your financial objectives, situation and needs. It is strongly recommended

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Tips and Traps for Kiwis thinking about the Nebraskian Giant

  Interested in TD Ameritrade? Here are some pointers based on my own experience. These are my own views and isn’t personal financial advice. I have to make that point crystal clear.  You have to do your own homework. 1. Be smarter than the Waithenian investor There’s a  couple of ways I could have

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Review Time! Hatch Invest

Hatch Invest (Hatch) is KiwiWealth’s digital investing platform, which allows you to invest in US shares. They've grown rapidly since their launch in late 2018, reflecting the demand for investing in big-name brands and how much they've simplified the sign-up process, which is no small feat. However, there are also problems. The thousand-pound gorilla in

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Review Time! Sharesies

  Sharesies is a game-changing provider that has democratised investing for young Kiwis. They’ve been amazingly successful. They’ve acquired a huge number of customers and have undoubtedly introduced many people to shares for the first time. At the risk of coming across as an old fart, there are few areas of improvement. The reporting,

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Welcome To the Waithanian Investor

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