About Me 

I’m terrible about talking about myself so I thought I would provide the below. Enjoy!

Age: 45

Ethnicity: Greek with a dash a pom (just a dash).

Star sign: Gemini

Myers Briggs personality profile: ENTJ

Marital status: Nil

Religion: Nil

Children: Specifically forbidden under the Wild Animal Control Act 1977. Legislative changes required.

Pet hates: Political correctness, NZ television, road works in Auckland, flying (I am the worst person to fly with)

Pet loves: My nieces, tramping, mountain biking, contemporary art, growing chilies, US politics, weird stuff on YouTube especially extreme belching pranks

Favourite place: Doughboy Bay in Stewart Island – NZ’s best kept secret

Music: At the moment I am loving Faith No More, Deadmau5, Chemical brothers, Odesza, Groove Armada and London Grammar.

Favourite album: Groove Armada – Vertigo

Favourite TV shows: Chernobyl, PBS frontline documentaries

Favourite person: My late grandmother (my Yiayia)

One person who I would like to meet: Sasha Baron Cohen

Favourite movies: Huge fan of Stanley Kubrick. Recent favourites include Hereditary, A Quiet Place, Annihilation and Lion – one the best Aussie movies ever 

Favourite investors, finance masters and economic commentators: There are a few. In no particular order: Eleanor Creagh, Jeremy Grantham, Cathie Wood, Jeffrey Gundlach, Nouriel Robini, Richard Thaler, Sharon Zollner, and Shane Oliver.

Background:  Extremely varied. Environmental economics, financial planning, investment research and digital marketing, public relations, communications in financial services covering everything from funds management, financial planning to investment banking and debt collection.